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More Paint and After Photos

August 1999 - When purchased, the truck had an ugly looking step and tow rear bumper that appeared to have been either home made or adapted off another truck. So we used this chrome bumper that we removed from a '65 parts truck. The chrome finish was scratched and worn off in several places, so we just sand blasted it, etch primed it, and painted it white to match the front bumper.

September 1999 - Here is the outside of the bed painted. The white stripe that goes between the side trim hasn't been painted yet (except for on the cab where it had to be done before installing the bed).

November 1999 - Almost finished. Here it is with the re-painted rear bumper and original wheels re-installed. The newer style hub caps were used temporarily until the original ones were ready. Only the tailgate and side trim are needed to finish the body work.

November 1999 - The freshly painted original hub caps. They only need the centers painted before they go on the truck.

November 1999 - Here is the tailgate. It doesn't look that bad in the photo, but the inside has numerous dents. We are still searching for a better one, but in the meantime, I've filled the dents on this one with fiberglass reinforced filler and finished it off with regular body filler.

The finished interior. These photos were taken with an old film so the color is a bit off.

July 2000 - All of the body work and interior is finished.

July 2000 - Another shot of the outside showing the recently painted tailgate. Most of the dents were on the inside of the tailgate so it turned out fairly well.

March 2001 - We added a power steering conversion kit. We also rebuilt and detailed most of the front suspension during the process.

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