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Paint and New Wood Bed Floor

June 1998 - Back of the cab after I painted the blue portion. I also painted the door jams and rocker panels.

June 1998 - We reinstalled the doors and bed. The blue portion from the cab forward was almost ready to prime and paint at this point. However, the bed still had some work left. It doesn't show in this photo, but the wheel opening on the left side sticks out about 3/4" from the rest of the bed side. This has since been repaired.

June 1998 - This photo was taken just after I painted the cab of the truck. The bed still had a lot of work left before paint at that time. Dad drove the truck to work for the rest of the summer and fall. It was stored for the winter and we started working on it again in the spring.

The following photos were taken in the summer of 1999. They show the installation of the new wood floor (from Chevy Duty).

June 1999 - We removed the bed again to install the new floor. It is shown here standing on its end on the garage floor. The old bed floor was made out of a couple of sheets of plywood with a seam down the middle. The metal portion of the inside of the bed had been painted green and the inner fender wells were full of dents.

July 1999 - Here is the inside of the bed with the old floor removed and the inside painted back to the original blue.

August 1999 - Here I am finishing up the installation of the new floor.

August 1999 - The bed is back on the truck.

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