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Photos and History of Dad's 1966 Chevy C10

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Before Photos and Body Work

Fall 1994 - This photo was taken shortly after dad purchased the truck from his brother (my uncle). My uncle bought it when he was living in Texas and drove it up to Maine when he moved back.


Being a Texas truck, the frame was rust free. The lower portions of the cab and front fenders had a small amount of rust. The body did have quite a few dents in it though.


The metal interior panels were in need of a paint job and the seat was very worn out.


The truck still has its original (as far as we know) 283 engine and 3 speed manual transmission.

We cleaned up the engine compartment a little and gave the engine a coat of Chevy orange paint.

NOTE: We later learned that Chevy truck engines were not painted orange like the car engines in these years. The correct color for the '66 truck 283 is gray. And sure enough, there are still traces of the gray paint on the oil pan and other areas that didn't get repainted. See table on photos page 4 for more info on the factory engine colors in these trucks.

Start of Restoration:

March 1998 -The rocker panels were full of bondo. Once that was removed, it revealed the large rust holes.

The rocker panels were repaired with metal patches that were made by a friend with a sheet metal brake. The repair pieces (in red and gray primer) are laying on the frame in this photo.

April 1998 - The RH rocker panel after repair.

May 1998 - Top of the cab with a fresh coat of white paint.

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