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409 Engine Install

February 27, 2012 - After years of prep work (and taking time off for other projects), we finally had everything ready to install the 409. We carefully lowered it into the 63 this evening and it went right into place without any trouble.

March 2012 - Now the work begins on installing all of the external engine parts and pieces.

First to go on were the original exhaust manifolds that we got with the 409 (I sandblasted them and painted them with POR Factory Manifold Gray high temp paint). Next was the new exhaust system from Shafer's Classic Reproductions. Then came the distributor, water pump, fuel pump, and engine wiring harness.

April 2012 - The external parts assembly continues.

In this pic, the new distributor cap, rotor, and plug wires have been installed. The fuel line (pump to carb), oil filler tube, and power steering pump have also been added. The air cleaner is just an aftermarket one from Summit Racing that we'll be using temporarily until we either find a good used original or have a spare black small block one chromed.

There are no holes in the 409 heads that can be used to install the temperature sending unit for the Autometer gauge. And the intake manifold only has holes for the temp light switch, bypass hose, and heater hose; all of which will be used for their original purposes. So to avoid drilling an extra hole in the intake, I made a small spacer from some 5/8" thick aluminum to go between the intake and thermostat housing. After taking this pic, I painted it Chevy orange so it blends in with the intake and thermostat housing.

May 2012 - The external parts assembly continues.

At this point, we've bolted the radiator support, radiator, and fan shroud into place. The alternator, fan, and belts have also been installed.

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