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Body and Paint Photos

October - November 2004 - Aside from a few small rust holes along the front edge, the truck's original hood was in very good condition so we decided to repair rather than replace it. I sandblasted the front edge of the hood to remove most of the rust and to help detect any areas that were getting rusted thin from the inside out. Then I welded up the holes and stood the hood up against the wall with the front edge down. I poured some POR15 down inside the front edge of the hood and tilted the hood side to side to help spread it around. Hopefully that'll seal up any remaining rust. The rest of the hood just needed to be sanded down to the original paint (and some places bare metal) and primered.

December 2004 - With the engine, drivetrain, and chassis detailing finished, we bolted the primered doors and fenders and hood back on. We also installed a new windshield and sliding rear window, both with new GM rubber gaskets. We left the chrome locking strips out for now to make it easier to mask and paint around the window gaskets.

January - April 2005 - At this point, the truck was nearly ready for a new paint job. However, I don't like to run the garage furnace while painting so that'll have to wait for warmer weather. In the meantime, we turned our attention to the 409 that will eventually be going in dad's 63 Impala.

May - October 2005 - Dad moved his business (an auto repair shop) to a new location so we didn't get time to give the 77 a new paint job this summer.

November 2005 - March 2006 - With the weather again too cold to paint, we spent some more time working on dad's 409.

May - August 2006 - I painted the light blue on the top of the cab in late May, followed by the light blue on the sides in June. Then I finally got around to finishing the paint job with the dark blue in August.

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